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In addition to prohibiting the use of scented aerosol products, HR 2339's ban on menthol cigarettes will also lead to large-scale smuggling by organized criminal groups. Any elected official who supports drug policy reform and opposes drug war-style law enforcement should not support the bill. However, many co-sponsors claim to have made progress in anti-drug policies.

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It is reported that with the vigorous push at the last moment, the bill can be stopped. If every member of the House of Representatives receives thousands of emails from voters who oppose the bill, the bill will be stopped. Can e-cigarette people quickly organize to persuade 500,000 people to take part in the action in the next 4 days call? If every e-cigarette person who took the time to participate could persuade the other 10 people to send an email to their representative, it might happen.

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The only effective way to defeat such a powerful and structured propaganda dominance is to relentlessly oppose it at the grassroots level. If thousands of e-cigarette users, their families, friends and employers spend five minutes participating in the call to action, then members of Congress will be forced to pay attention.

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