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The CDC deliberately conflated these two electronic atomization products, which will almost certainly cause harm and death caused by THC. If the agency chooses to adopt a clear and definite messaging strategy, it will not happen. In addition, this chaos has caused thousands, if not thousands, of nicotine users to abandon e-cigarettes and return to combustible tobacco.

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When CDC officials decided to give lung injury a unique and easy-to-remember name, they chose "e-cigarette or product-related lung injury caused by e-cigarette" ("EVALI"). The creator of the patchwork term deliberately put "e-cigarette" in front of the name.


Sara Wilson of the Morning Consultation Company said: "E-cigarette-related diseases initially caused great panic, but the latest conclusions hardly caused ripples in the mainstream news cycle.

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Worst of all, it is not clear how many of the 34 million smokers in the United States will continue to smoke instead of switching to e-cigarettes. According to CDC data, half of long-term smokers die prematurely, and many more suffer from serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and COPD.

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