rta atomizer


Charging current: 5V=1A

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EMINI JAN is obviously not a portable type in the pod equipment, and the weight of 80G is more pressing than the common pod in the market. The metal shell and the veneer treatment, the shape and lines similar to the sword give this device a European-style noble retro feel. EMINI JAN seems to focus more on the expression of the shape.


Bomb capacity: 2ML

e cigarette

Because the porosity of the cartridge is designed on the side, the condensation phenomenon common at the bottom of many small cigarettes is improved on this EMINI JAN. After using for a period of time, no small water droplets will be found at the cartridge link. At the same time, the air-tightness of this cartridge is reliable in use, and it is very quiet during atomization.


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Charging current: 5V=1A



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