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In the discussion session of "Nicotine, Policies and Regulations" at the summit, Cliff Douglas, former vice president of tobacco control of the American Cancer Society, emphasized the need to find common ground between "harm reductionists" and "prohibitionists": "Protect youth and support adult smokers to quit smoking It can and must be achieved at the same time. At the same time, we cannot ignore the demands of e-cigarette users."

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The most intuitive consequence is the increase in smoking rates in the United States. Professor Abigail Friedman of the Yale School of Public Health pointed out at the meeting that the ban on e-cigarette flavors (such as fruit flavors) has caused many smokers to use cigarettes. "Data shows that after the implementation of the e-cigarette flavor ban in San Francisco, the smoking rate of local youth cigarettes has doubled, which will greatly increase our subsequent tobacco control costs.


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